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Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)

If you ever need to check your ‘BigPond’ ADSL modem internal settings, then the ‘magic’ number you need to type into the address bar is:     ADSL & NBN Cable: Frontier Gateway (both ADSL, Cable & NBN): http:/ ...

Telstra (Retired) MattD
Telstra (Retired)

Our new solution when you've exceeded your Fixed Broadband Data limit!   Fixed Home Broadband customers* are able to top up their data allowance up to three times a year.    This means that any Telstra fixed broadband customer who has exceeded their ...

Technical Support Shellock
Technical Support

WiFi Troubleshooting   Wireless (WiFi) networks allow us the freedom of 'surfing' the internet without being tied down to your modem via a cable. However, a connection that relies on radio waves will be subject to failure due to several factors incl ...

Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

General   What is the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem? The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem is a “power on working” solution (begins to give you connectivity as soon as you turn it on) that will work on multiple technologies (ADSL, HFC and nbn™ access ...

Community Alumni (Retired)

The way equipment is connected in your home, including phone cables and 'filtering' on devices attached to your phone line, are among the most common causes of slow internet speeds and drop-outs.   You can check for these problems by doing what we ca ...

Community Alumni (Retired)

Speed is important, but it's not the only meaurement to pay attention to on your connection.     Please be aware that BigPond doesn't guarantee any set Pings times or Latency, so our Technical Support team will be unable to help in this area.  Furthe ...