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1 .wap & 2. calls received oversesas

Q.1 I have read the "what is .wap" posts and sort of understand it. However I had the "mobile data" & "data roaming settings turned off the whole time I was away, yet I still have Telstra.wap charges on my biill. Why?

Q2. This is a repeat of what happened last October when I was in France. Then & now I have hundreds of $s of "calls received Overseas" charges. Firstly I didn't receive these calls. Secondly I have skyped them then & now and they either don't exist or you get exactly the same voicemail (in French) for every one (regardless of what time you ring). Has anyone else had this problem? My recollection from October was that Telstra reluctantly credited the amount but was unable to explain what was going on

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: 1 .wap & 2. calls received oversesas

Yes I also experienced this twice. The wap charges I received for one of my overseas trips was over $4000. Yes I had the phone cellular and data roaming turned off. I advised Telstra I would not pay the bill. Two months later I received a legal letter from Dunn and Bradstreet demanding payment. I then googled the Communications Ombudsman and filled out the online complaints paperwork. I received an email from the ombudsman advising they would investigate on my behalf. Within a month I was contacted by the telstra finance team who cheerfully cancelled the charges and offered me some little extras to keep my happy (can't remember what I got). I had had a previous wap charge a year earlier which I challenged and did not pay, it was around $2000. When I phoned and complained I was advised they would reverse the charges that time, but advised if it happened again I would be responsible. Hope this helps

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