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Bizessentials- connected then disconnected by Telstra for no reason



I have a huge problem with Telstra at the moment!


Firstly, my connection took place on the 13th of July and I setup my Gateway modem and everything was fine. A technician came out and confirmed the phone line connection.

I had a good ~20mbit connection. Everything has been going fine since then. Until last week, I started receiving emails and SMS messages from Telstra saying they were sending a tech around today to connect my internet. I called them up last week and said my internet is fine, everything is working as expected. Don't send out a tech.


This morning, my internet goes offline. They disconnected it.


I called up and I have been on the phone for several hours now trying to get to the bottom of it.


They have told me that my connection was placed on hold back in mid July because it was incomplete. Again, I said look everything is fine I'm happy with the connection.


They now said that a tech is going out to the exchange to connect me to an 8mbit port.


Woah...hold the phone. A what port? 8mbit!


I said what is going on here, I have had internet working fine, at a good speed for almost three weeks. Why is this being taken away from me. 

They are disputing that the internet was actually working since the 13th of July!

Do Telstra not think that if my business connection was not working for nearly three weeks that I wouldn't call them up to fund out why?


I am explaining to them that everything was good. I have screenshots of speed connections at nearly 20mbit. They're disregarding this and are connecting me to an 8mbit port.



I have two emails from Telstra. One on the 22nd of June saying I'm getting a 20mbit connection, which is what I'm paying for and the connection went through smoothly.


Then the recent email on the 16th of July with another order confirmation - saying I'm getting an 8mbit connection.


How can Telstra do so well, then take away what I had and give me something inferior and then deny that I ever had it that good in the first place?


I'm furious. I have all the screenshots and emails.

The people I'm talking to on the phone are not taking this seriously.


Presently, I have no internet, and when it is connected it's going to be connected at less than half the speed at which it was.



Can someone please help me!!

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Re: Bizessentials- connected then disconnected by Telstra for no reason

Good afternoon,

I gather you signed up for this plan from a Telstra Business Centre or a Telstra Enterprise dealer.

You should contact them directly now, and have a very serious talk with them, as they are responsible for co-ordinating business issues for their customers.

The Business Centres and Enterprise Dealers  have high level internal support contacts for their business customers.    Hope that helps

A "Like" is always appreciated. If my advice is a solution, please mark it. I'm not a Telstra employee.
50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. One of my mottos: "Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything".

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