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Bridged Mode router with DOT

We have a fairly complex existing environment, we have two Telstra ADSL services that are connected in Bridge mode and bonded via a Fusion Appliance. The resulting ppOE connection is going to a Sonicwall TZ210 Firewall. Internally we then have a Sonicwall Remote access (VPN) device and some DMZ switches, but I dont think any of that is relevant at this stage.


As I understand the Telstra supplied Netgear (7610) gateway is not capable of being operated in Bridge mode if the DOT phone service is to be retained.

Ideally we would like to only have one DOT service at the end of this process and remove the bonding appliance, however I have a number of questions/options to explore;


  1. Is there a Router that we can use that is capable of providing both a bridged mode VDSL connection to the Sonicwall TZ210, that can also route the phones?
  2. If not, is there a way of connecting to the VDSL in bridged mode, and using a different appliance to manage the phones?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Bridged Mode router with DOT

The quick answer to both of your questions are: no


Some people have been able to connect the V7610 behind a BYO router of their choice to allow the use of the phone service, but this configuration isn't guaranteed to work or supported by Tech Support. 


If you did do this, you would also need to adjust the QoS within your BYO router to prioritise voice traffic.  If the modem of phones needed to be returned to factory defaults for any reason, you would need to connect the V7610  in the standard configuration so that it can download the SIP details before your reconnect it through your BYO router.



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Re: Bridged Mode router with DOT

Thankyou Shellock, Telstra have finally supplied me with a modem that is capable of bridged mode connection. It is the F@st5355, which seems to have no settings available once configured in Bridge mode.

As I need to connect to the TZ210 firewall X1 port, I assume that I can only use Static or DHCP to the Bridged Router. Does Telstra allocate a fixed IP address for the bridge connection? Otherwise how can I configure the firewall WAN interface?

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Re: Bridged Mode router with DOT

Ok - finally made some progress.

The F@st5355 must be configured in Bridge Mode, however the connection to the Sonicwall WAN (X1) connector MUST be from either LAN1 or LAN2 on the F@st NOT the WAN connection. Now because the VDSL is using IPoE, essentally DHCP to connect, the X1 interface needs to be set to DHCP, not Static, and once Release and Renew are clicked the IP connection should appear on the Inteface popup. So although the Business NBN conection is supposed to be Static IP, the Sonicwall will not connect using Static IP assignment.


Next issue is that the remote access connections to the SRA are not working via Net Extender, will advise if we get that working!

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