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Business and home line at same premises

I run my business from home. My home line has had NBN for a while. Now my business line is being turned off soon.  Can I keep business line on the same NBN service, or do I need another NBN connection device and router. Also, its FTTC, will I need a new line run into house? tia 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Business and home line at same premises

NBN Co usually only provision a single line per house, so you will need to put in a request pronto to sort out your Business Line as you can only have a single service on an FTTC connection. So if you need a separate service for your business, then you need to act fast.


It shouldn't require a new line to be run into the house as you should already have a separate line for your business connection, but it will require a connection in the street as well as an NBN NTD to power it in your house.,

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