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Can you get bulk lots of new unactivated SIMs?

Hello all


My company is designing a new product which will have an embedded 3G/LTE data modem for SCADA type applications. Due to space requirement the SIM itself will be buried inside the product. It would be nice if an end user didn't have to open the device up to insert a SIM (actually we sell through dealers so the dealer would do it). What I'm wondering is if it's possible to buy bulk lots - ie between 100 - 1000 - SIM cards that we can install into our device during manufacture, and then make sure the outside labelling stickers include relevant SIM details so that when the device is sold to an end user we just have to take note of the SIM details and ring up Telstra and get it activated at that point without having to even open up the shipping box.


My local Telstra store was no help, but they are trained for domestic customer support so that's understandable.


Thanks in advance - Matt

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Re: Can you get bulk lots of new unactivated SIMs?

I have, in the past, been able to get a quantity of SIMs from my local Telstra Business Centre so that when a company phone played up due to a faulty SIM issue, we could just get one out of the drawer, activate it and insert it into the phone.


Talking to a Telstra Business Centre might be the simplest option.

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Re: Can you get bulk lots of new unactivated SIMs?

Thanks for the quick reply. I've just found the M2M section on the Telstra website (don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Wrong search terms I guess). It looks like they can supply what I'm after, and I might even change the product design to incorporate the SIM chip rather than a SIM card. I have to investigate that further though as our product would be on offer around the world on networks other than Telstra. But mostly I'm concerned with Australia and Telstra usage.

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