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Convert ISDN Fibre to IP

Hello. My client has ISDN delivered over fibre to their phone system. It’s only about 800m from the exchange, but it was put in about 20 years ago. Fibre does look like single mode.

Is it possible to upgrade from ISDN to an IP connection using the existing fibre? We can then run a SIP trunk instead and use for both phone and data.

We are pretty remote with only Telstra Regional Fibre available. Can this be done by Telstra? NBN has started putting in FTTN.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Convert ISDN Fibre to IP

I believe that this is possible, provided the ISDN is a 10/20/30. I would suggest contacting the Account Executive on 1300 835 787 to discuss this further. 

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Re: Convert ISDN Fibre to IP

Hi Shellock,

I happened to speak with an old manager related to my client who mentioned they did look at this, but Telstra wanted about $40k to do this.  That sounds a little pricey to me?  Would it really cost around that to change over (seems it could be either a 20, or a couple of 20's?!?).

An NBN rep told me to run fibre to the prem (not business though) would be more like $5k given its location (I know its all kinds of different: infrastructure, node locations, doesn't come from exchange etc), not to mention NBN isn't in our area just yet.  Besides, would rather Telstra fibre.

Thanks for the reply Shellock!

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