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Hopeless Customer Service and Technical Support (AGAIN!!!)

We have one of Telstra's Premium Routers which to date has been fine.


But try to get help setting up the VPN and Telstra Technical Support response is, this is not supported by Telstra. 


Even though the VPN setup guide is on their website (http://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/download/document/business-devg2020-vpn-configuration-...), which we have been unable to complete the simple enter the license key section.


The official Telstra guide states 


Enter your license number (found on the card that came with your gateway) and email address when prompted for Software Activation, and click “Next”, as per screen shots below. Note that you must be connected to the internet in order to complete the activation.


Firstly WHAT CARD!!! I simply called told them we did not have the card and after 20 mins of being put on hold while he checks with this subject matter experts the Support rep comes back saying, they have no idea about the VPN functionality, it is not within their support or training scope and suggest to contact our own Techincal Support. 


Has anyone been able to get the VPN setup and can guide me to get the state guide?


I suppose if the solution isn't just simply restarting the modem then it is too hard to the Telstra Tech Support.


Rant Over!

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Re: Hopeless Customer Service and Technical Support (AGAIN!!!)

isnt it just , we just signed up n i cant even find out wen telstra is sposed to take over from hopeluss optus but cant get an answer not in store or one line , wen does optus stop and telstra take over , when does the billing start

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Hopeless Customer Service and Technical Support (AGAIN!!!)

Hi Phillsta, I apologise however VPN set-up is not supported by our free in-house technical support team.

Tech Support are there to help you with specifically Telstra network and connection related technical enquiries. VPN is an additional function you can opt to use on your service but it is not actually a Telstra service enquiry. Set-up and management of a VPN is up to you, or  your chosen IT contractor.

You can use any knowledge based webpages or articles such as found on our website or CrowdSupport for guidance. 

We do also provide a premium IT service however, if you do not already have a local IT professional that you'd prefer use this service is available. Telstra Platinum https://www.telstra.com.au/connectedhome/enhancements/platinum is a paid technical support service for anything outside of the in-house support boundaries. 

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Re: Hopeless Customer Service and Technical Support (AGAIN!!!)

all i want is to have a landline phone for mum with interent  and fax machine. and in 2017  no one seems to be able to provide  such a thing

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