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I have a Mobile Netgear M1 modem and synology ftp server. Will not work on extranet apn

I have bought a netgear router from Telstra and have a business account and am using extranet. I cannot get the FTP server to work . The modem is set to DMZ on (what the ftp server is using). It appears port 21 is open is open but not 20 and ports for passive ftp appear closed. Telstra business help line say that if I can browse the web then it is all fine. Which I do not believe because the person I am talking to from an asian country does not know what a port is or what an ftp server is .  Can someone please help . I have rung the business support line 7 times. Twice they have promised a call from a back of house specialist and no one has called. I know the FTP server works when I connect it to a broadband home account. And yes, GPTEXB3 code has been added to my service......I have confirmed I have a route-able ip address. I have also tried to enter in port forwarding rules but it seems that the netgear nighthawk M1 does not allow to enter ranges and you can only enter single port forwarding rules until the screen is full and then no more. (it seems like very poor programming by netgear). I am connected via ethernet between the Router and the Synology NAS (FTP Server)


Please please help............

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Re: I have a Mobile Netgear M1 modem and synology ftp server. Will not work on extranet apn

For FTP to work, you need to have both 20 and 21 open. Port 20 is for data, port 21 is for command.

But do you really want to use FTP? Every system admin (including myself) would tell you that you are asking for a big security problem...


AFAIK Synology supports SFTP (my RS2416RP+ does), so please for God's sake use that... For that all you need to open is port 22.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I never did. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing. I have been in the field since 1985.

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