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IP Block Prices



After giving up speaking to Telstra Reps on the phone and live chat who i'd like to point out are absolutly bloody useless!

because i didnt want a domain name, i didnt have a fault on my service, i didnt want another internet connection like geeze!


All I  wanted to know is how prices for a block of 4(2 usable) and 8 (6 usable) IP Blocks


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: IP Block Prices

That is a very specialised request. You probably need to contact 1800 835 787 or you Account Executive to get pricing on that type of service.

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Re: IP Block Prices

Same experience here. I wanted to purchase Telstra Business ADSL, but nobody is able to tell me the price for additional IP block. Don't waste your time calling the number provided. The people in Telstra are clueless.

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