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Mobile Broadband - why is there a 25GB limit for business? I need more!!!

Hi Telstra.

I am a business owner in Western NSW.

I can not get adsl or nbn where I am so I am stuck with the mobile broadband as the only solution.

Pity that the prices are ludicrous and the plan limits are completely unreasonable. I understand that alot of people only use mobile bb when they are out of the office or travelling and dont need much capacity, but we use mobile broadband to run our entire company because your current infrastructure does not support any other internet access. With most business transactions and accounting being cloud & email based now, our dependance on the internet is everything. When is Telstra going to come into the modern age and learn to be flexible to tailor plans to suit individual cases and not charge the earth for it???




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Re: Mobile Broadband - why is there a 25GB limit for business? I need more!!!

Mick, I again understand your problem.

All ISP's are seemingly doing the minimum or no expansion because they know that when the NBN is done they will be junking their equipment and investment.

Even in inner suburbs in a capital city, until I moved, I had to put up with usually 1mb/s because of the lack of investment. All I was  told was money, money, money.


Have you checked the NBN website as they display their plans for upcoming installations.

You could always write to the management, but I doubt that would make any difference.

You have my sympathy.

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50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. Expert in current Telstra Go repeaters & smart antennas.
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Re: Mobile Broadband - why is there a 25GB limit for business? I need more!!!

While I agree about the limitations, they do have reasons to limit the access to data over the mobile network... Data over the mobile network does cost more, because it requires more investment and is much more limited in capability than the fixed network. With the new 4G and 4GX capabilities, a lot of towers would be able to handle increased data allowances on Mobile data, in the same way that the new plans provide the higher allowance for Mobile Phone plans, however I highly doubt that it will be significantly cheaper if they do change the plans... more likely the prices will be pretty much the same but with different allowances or something... I know one of the moderators did hint at new plans being in the pipeline, at least for residential customers, and if they increase those, no doubt the business ones will also increase... however, when and what actually is going to change is yet to be seen. But as PP has said, the erratic nature of the NBN roll out is the greatest enemy of private investment...
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