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Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router VOIP



I have 2 Commander phones in my office. These are voip phones i believe.


Becuase of the distance from the closest telstra exchange our internet connection is very slow. 


The guys in the telstra shop advised me to purchase the nighthawk m1 modem as the upload and download speeds are much faster. The speeds are much faster and its a good connection however the commander phones dont work now as i now need to change the modem settings  by disabling SIP ALG and QOS to ensure the commander phones can work.


Have spoken to telstra technical support who arent even sure what sip alg is, they connected me through to netgear but netgear refurse to help me as i purchased the product through the telstra shop. I have spent many hours on hold etc. 


Anyone know how to get these voip phones working over the nighthawk m1?


Would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.



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Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router VOIP

Having just read the manual, I can see no mention of SIP ALG or QOS settings. It may be that they are not accessible in the firmware.

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Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router VOIP

I notice this is in the business section of Crowd Support. Is it a business mobile broadband service?

If so, have you tried asking for an external IP address? I say this because otherwise you get an internal IP address behind CG-NAT which may cause issues, particularly with incoming calls on VoIP-based services.
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Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router VOIP

Hi Tom, 

Did you go ahead with this.  I actually went ahead and purchased the Nighthawk M1 on a plan for exactly the same purpose, but now I can't get my VOIP to work on it. If you did proceed, I'm wondering if you encountered issues with your VOIP and got it working?


If you can post any tips that would be appreciated.



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router VOIP

Hi JDownie,


If you need a hand with VOIP working on your Nighthawk, please give our mobile technical team a call on 125 111 so they can assist.

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