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No Internet, No communication, Very frustrating

Hello Telstra,

The internet has been out on my business line for 7 days now with no communication from you. I've contacted you 4 times by phone and 3 times by chat, all saying you will contact me back with an update, which has yet to arrive.

A technician was dispatched to our house and he said the fault is not INSIDE the premise (modem and line tested ok), he will escalte the issue to the network team.

I was called by a Telstra rep 4 days ago to inform me that the "back of house team will be calling me". 4 days ago and no word from them.

Now, can someone contact me back as this is the 7th day of not having service to my work premise and its beyond the point of apologies.

What can we do to put more resources into resolving this issue as I do not think it's being taken care of appropriately, I feel as if my business is being brushed aside.

Some reference numbers for you since that is all I seem to be given, not a resolution.

First ref number
6003 829 501

Repair ref number

2nd Ref no. 4301292948


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Re: No Internet, No communication, Very frustrating

This is a community forum. No body here has access to your account.


To get the answers you seek you will need to contact Telstra direct.

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Re: No Internet, No communication, Very frustrating

Hello Jagaf,

I read through some other threads and it appears that actual employees do read these forums and take action.

Action is what I need to happen as every call I make to Telstra turns into a waiting game while they look into my ticket and ends in a "someone will call you back", which never happens.

If there are no employees that read this forum, the least I can do is inform this community of these complaints I'm going through with "Australia's number 1 ISP", as that is what forums are for, to express and freely communicate with other individuals.

I've lived in many countries and this is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I'm suppose to be a business customer... How hard is it to communicate with you're paying customers.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: No Internet, No communication, Very frustrating

Hi Ozbrausareus,


I've taken a look at the notes attached to the TT reference number you've provided.   This issue is still being investigated and you will be called back once investigation/work has been completed. There is no time frame mentioned as to when this will be, due to complex nature of the fault.

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