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Technical Solution - Internet Access at Work Shed - 80m away from home NBN solution

I have tried calling Telstra for 2 weeks and today (3 hours) to find the right solution to my problem - but have come up with nothing.


I have a home and a work shed on my farm in Southern Tasmania.  I have NBN installed at my home and have tried using Mobile Data to operate my business from within my workshed which is only 70 meters away from my home on the same property.


I use a Samsung tablet with a SIMM card with mobile data plan, whilst in the workshed, to create a mobile hotspot for my Laptop PC to connect to the internet and process my web orders and shipping labels.


The problem is that I only get a max of 1 bar reception on the best days and when it is cloudy or stormy I often don't get any reception.  This poor reception makes it incredibly slow, painful and sometimes impossible to operate my business using mobile data reception.


A Telstra Internal Antenna won't work because it needs 2 bars reception minimum ... and I can't install a second NBN solution in the workshed as there is a limit of one NBN solution per property.


My workshed is only 70 meters away from the house ... and I am trying to find a best solution to improve the performance and reliability of access.


Are there minds out there that can see a reasonable cost solution?


WiFi Extenders, repeaters .... all a little beyond my understanding.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Technical Solution - Internet Access at Work Shed - 80m away from home NBN solution

Hi Letetia, 


Thanks for using Crowd Support. You should be able to extend your NBN connections WiFi via a WiFi extender. We do have information on different types and how they work below: Our team on 1800 220 033 can discuss these options with you too.





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Re: Technical Solution - Internet Access at Work Shed - 80m away from home NBN solution

Hi Telstra person .....


I have already been advised by Telstra technical support that WiFi Extenders will not reach my workshed which is 80m away and on a separate power supply (ie separate mains board).


They advised WiFi extenders were suitable for extending internet access within a house ... but would not span the 80 meters to a steel workshed (with no windows).


Thanks for trying ... 



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Re: Technical Solution - Internet Access at Work Shed - 80m away from home NBN solution

Hi Letetia,


You're probably looking for something like:


I'm sure there will be a local IT company \ installer that would be able to do something for you.


Essentially you want something like a unidirectional WiFi antenna that you would attach to the shed (and run to a modem in the shed); that you would point towards the wifi in the house.


Alternatively, you may be able to run a good quality ethernet cable from the router in the house to another router in the shed (the setup will take a little technical expertise to do right). Ethernet should still be fine up to a cable distance of 100M; after this you may see degredation (and it's generally not recommended). If this is an option, you'll want to make sure the cable is very well protected from the elements.


Good luck,


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