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Telstra Business with Cable

Can someone give me a technical reason as to why I can't get a business plan on Cable?


There is no NBN planned to be rolled out in my premises until 2020 and I'm not going to get ADSL because it's primitive.


Please give me a good reasons and don't make yourselves look like fools.

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Re: Telstra Business with Cable

My understanding is that the limitation was based on the fact that they don't have it set up as a business grade service. It is more prone to outages that are longer lasting, it doesn't have static IP as an option. It is just little things like that. It can be done on a plan for a business, but it is on a residential service in the business name, meaning that it is treated as a residential service without the additional guarantees that business grade services have. 


I have always seen it as them not offering it as a service for business to avoid any further issues with it not being able to meet that business grade standard. 


Oh, they also don't do voice over cable (obv. excluding nbn hfc) which rules out the DOT small business plans too as they use a VoIP based system. 

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