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Telstra Mobile Broadband so slow in Queanbeyan NSW

Hello All


I am seeking some opinions on what I should do about an issue I am having with my Telstr Mobile Broadband using the turbo blue stick.


I am experiencing Speeds which feels about as slow if not slower than dial up


It takes about 2 minutes to load google and about 3 minutes to load ebay.


I have been to the telstra shop in Queanbeyan and I must say the guy in there has been very very helpful.


I have had this proble for about 3 or 4 months now. My wife uses vodafone mobile broadband and has no troubles whatsoever.


I have just bought a brand new laptop running windows 7.


The guy in Qbn telstra shop has checked my modem. He says its perfect.

he has lent me a loan stick whicj he says is perfect and its no better.

my new computer is no faster than my 4 yo laptop.

he gaveme a new simcard today

he gave a me a separate usb stick today with the newest turbo connection mgr and updated drivers for my dongle.


all of these changes have made abslutely no difference.


incedentally the reception bars on the connection manager read full bars.


im in a 4g area from looking at the maps although my modem is only for 3g


where do i go from here?


many thanks



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband so slow in Queanbeyan NSW

Hi libbor,


Could you please provide any updates on this issue since you've last posted this?


If you are still having speed issues with your turbo mobile broadband service, please contact our Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Technical Support Team on 1258880 say 'faults' when prompted if calling from Telstra service.


Call 132200, say 'pre-paid' when prompted and then follow prompts to 'faults' team if calling from non-Telstra service. 

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Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband so slow in Queanbeyan NSW

I have also got rotten internet using mobile broadband, up until a few weeks ago it was all right. Telstra  are trying to say i am in a blakcspot, but that is porkies as i have been using it for 6 months, I suspect telstra is "slowing" me down on purpose. Using the ocnnection manager prior to connecting it says the service is HSDPA, when i connect it is stil HSDPA but after about 30 seconds it drops to HSPA and internet is woeful. It is like it has got my userid or location and then dummbed me down.


prior to connecting could you please go to Mobile Broadband Manager, click on VIEW and then select details.


Does service say HSDPA (it under IP ADDRESS)


now connect keep the screen active does SERVICE drop to HSPA???? in about 1 minute?






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