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Why can't Telstra connect a new service after 3 hours on the phone?

So ... I spent 2 hours and 6 call backs on the phone last week with Telstra and thought I'd be getting my internet connected today.  Didn't happen.


Rang personal.  No record of order.  Rang business no record of order.  Said lets start again.


Gets to the end of the order and it can't save.  Mulitple errors!!!  "Will call you back tomorrow".


My order is Bigpond Ultimate Cable 50GB to be connected to my home address but put on my company account (20+ services) billed to my office address OR put on a new account number with company office address.


Does anyone know if it's even possible to do what I'm asking?!?!!  My house is cable ready.  That's been confirmed.


Should it really be so hard to give a company $$$$$ ?!?!?!







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Re: Why can't Telstra connect a new service after 3 hours on the phone?



I'm a little baffled by the remark to you that they're unable to save. It sounds like an ordering system that Telstra Business is using isn't functioning correclty by what you're saying.


If it's a BigPond service (not Telstra Business Broadband) then we may be in luck. Call BigPond directly on 13POND (137663) and organise a connection directly with them single billed to your Business account.


You may need to be transferred to a differnet BigPond agent who has access to older legacy systems to do the order; but they shouldn't need to transfer you to Telstra Business at all.


I hope that helps!




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