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How do I change providers!

Before I Start you should read My post Just don't do it. i have had the pleasure of trying to get a bundle. If you read my earlier post about this you will understand that I have reached my limit. I hvae spent vast amounts of time trying to get my internet sorted. Now the story just get worse. My work landline was working well untill I  changed to bundle. When this happened they connected message bank. I asked for message bank to be disconnected. It was but now if you ring from a smart phone (well my wifes iphone) It rings once and then you get what sounds like a fax tone. An hour and a bit of being transfered from piller to post telstra are going to send a tech out. Nothing physical has been changed, nothing has been changed apart from the programing. Now I know you are going to say that this shouldn't happen that it will be looked into and that i really don't know all the effort that is put in to change a business account to the same business account but come on this must be a joke. So the question is how can I Change to another carrier and get out of this contract that telstra seems to be unable to complete.

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Re: How do I change providers!

To answer your specific question, in order to have a consumer contract cancelled with no penalty under your legally binding contract with Telstra, you must be able to satisfy Part 7 of the General Terms for Consumer Customers:


Choosing to cancel your service

7.1  You can cancel your service at any time by telling us beforehand. We can ask you to put your request in writing. However, if you cancel before the end of any fixed term for your service, we can charge you the applicable early termination fee. The amount of the early termination fee is set out in the application form you used to apply for your service or was disclosed to you when you applied for your service.

7.2  If you cancel a service before we have provided it to you, we can charge you any reasonable costs we incurred as a result of preparing to provide it to you.

Material breach by us

7.3 You can cancel your service at any time if:

(a)  we are in material breach of Our Customer Terms (for example, because we fail to use reasonable care and skill in providing the service to you); and
(b)  you have told us in writing of our material breach and we have failed to remedy it within 14 days of you telling us; or 
(c)  the breach is something which cannot be remedied (in which case you can terminate the service immediately by telling us).

We will not charge you any early termination fee if you cancel your service because of our material breach.



Your other rights to cancel



7.4 You can also cancel your service by telling us with as much warning as you reasonably can if:

(a) we become bankrupt or insolvent or appear likely to do so; 

(b)  the law requires you to do so; or

(c)  provision of the service becomes illegal.

We will not charge you any early termination fee if you cancel your service in these circumstances. 



I would suggest that you contact Telstra in writing (incl Email/LiveChat) and advise that you believe they are in material breach of the contract. In your letter reference the Terms and Conditions and advise that if its not repaired in 14 days that you will seek to terminate under 7.6 of the General Terms for Consumer Customers.




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Re: How do I change providers!

Thanks Ben F for your very helpful advice it may have taken me days to find it and this advice will make it a lot easier.


Thanks Steph for Editing the Provider name it could be any of the others but i'll have to read the reviews to see if they have the same trouble this provider has. As you may remember I had a problem with my personal account which took quite a bit of fixing and I was silly enough to think that a business account would be treated better or at least properly.

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