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MessageBank - message notification to mobile not working

As the subject heading suggests, the message notification to mobile service for my business landline is not working. The voice prompt asks me to enter a Telstra mobile number, yet every time i do so it tells me that it's not a number billed directly by Telstra. Could the issue be that it's a telstra pre-paid number?




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Re: MessageBank - message notification to mobile not working

Hey The_Rock,


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May very well be that as this is a pre-paid service that you are trying to register for the notifications. Do you have a post-paid mobile service that is on a plan with Telstra that you would be able to have registered for testing if this will be accepted?


My colleagues in the Business Live Chat Team will also be able to assist further with this and are available 24/7 via:


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Re: MessageBank - message notification to mobile not working

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion Dingo!


No i only have a pre-paid mobile service with Telstra. When i bought the pre-paid sim from the telstra shop in South Yarra i was told it would work with the 'message notification to mobile' feature for my business landline, hence why i bought it. 


I've tried setting it up about 3-4 times over the past couple months by dialing 101 from the line and pressing 4, and then entering the 10 digit mobile number (billed by Telstra) as requested by the voice prompt. The voice prompt would then tell me that i would receive a call on said mobile number within an hour to complete the setup. I never received said call.

Bizarrely, the last time i tried setting this up (a couple days ago), the voice prompt told me that the number i entered was not billed by Telstra..


I have spoken to the business live chat team a couple times. The first time round the fellow i spoke to had little to no idea what i was on about, despite multiple attempts at explaining what the feature is as plainly and as concisely as possible. That conversation ended in 'i'll escalate this to higher level tech support who will call you back within a few days'. Never got a call.

I call support a week later to follow up - they had no notes or reference for the issue. Then as with the live chat consultant, when i tried to explain what the issues was, they had little to no idea what i was talking about. I was re-directed 3-4 times to different departments, each time having lengthy conversations in order to get them to understand the issue, but no joy.

I've had to call support 5 times to chase this up because i've not received a single call back. And each time i would call it was exactly the same thing. 

I tried the business live chat again a couple days ago - this time (though after extensive explaining) the fellow seemed competent, however he could not figure why it's not working. Apparently he'd consulted a superior a couple times regarding the prepaid number, and said it should not be an issue. Am again expecting a call back from higher level tech support.

Which is why i'm here - thought i'd try my luck and see if anyone has experienced this. 

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Re: MessageBank - message notification to mobile not working

Still haven't received a call back from Telstra. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could/should do to get to the bottom of this?

Is there a number i can call where i can speak to a Telstra rep that's in this country? The Philippino based tech's don't seem to be all that competent, and they're databases don't seem to have any info on 'message notification to mobile'. 



Thanks in advance! 

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