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Transfer number from one business to another when in contract



I am getting a bit of conflicting advice. 


I had a personal number that was ported to Telstra when I started a new job. Now I am moving companies, and want to take my number with me. The phone itself is still in contract. 


Telstra has advised me directly that I just need both parties (former and future employer) to fill out a form. However, my former company has said that either the phone needs to be paid out of the contract, or I transfer it to a private contract of equal or lesser value and then transfer the number to my new employer from that personal contract. My new employer has also said they can't transfer the number if the phone is in contract. 


I don't want the handset - only the number, as I have had this number now for over 10 years.


Any advice?



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Re: Transfer number from one business to another when in contract

There is a form called the CHOWN B2B (CHange of OWNership Bus-to-Bus) which can be used to change the ownership from one telstra business account to another telstra business account however the handset is the questionable bit.

My understanding is that either the handset will need to be migrated with the plan, which will require both employers accepting the transfer of the equipment as well - OR - it would have to be moved to a new BYO plan and then moved which would trigger the handset payment cancellation fee to be applied to the older employers account which again may result in them getting you to settle that amount.

Phone plans are both the phone and the handset together, there is not much you can do to one that doesn't affect the other and I suspect you will be stuck with one of the two things I have listed above.
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