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What 'Path' do I use when publishing my website from RapidWeaver - please help...

Hi all - I have no idea where to ask this question, but Telstra won't help via the telephone - was on hold for over an hour, then it answered and when I asked my question, I was hung up on... please help - or point me to where I can get help...


I'm simply trying to find out what I should enter in the 'Path' field, when publishing my website to my telstra-hosted domain... 




I own the domain name, have a Midi hosting plan, and my program called RapidWeaver (that I used to build the site - and has an FTP publishing module within), says that the 'test connection' in publishing settings is correct - it publishes the website successfully, but my website never actually works (just gives me the dummy page from telstra that says I'm going to upload soon)...


clear as mud?


please help!


Thanks in advance. Steve.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: What 'Path' do I use when publishing my website from RapidWeaver - please help...

Hi Steve,


Did you upload your site under the 'www' folder when you were connected to the cpanel via FTP. When your website is being searched, the server would bring the default page that would be located under the 'www' folder.

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