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Incorrect paperwork completed in store.

I recently upgraded my mobile handset using the "new phone feeling" feature on 4th August.

This was before the release of the iPhone 7 and I was told that Telstra no longer provided the handset I needed through the call centre (iPhone 6 plus s) and I had to visit a Telstra shop. I have since realised that Telstra stopped providing it in the expectation that I would want to purchase the new 7, this assumption was incorrect and ultimately very inconvenient.

This was inconvenient because I live 40mins and 40km from a store and when I signed up for the "new phone feeling" I specifically asked if I could organise the new handset via "new phone feeling" over the phone knowing that getting to a Telstra store is not only inconvenient but also massively unpleasant, it's bad enough being treated with contempt over the phone by someone who is in another country, but to have to endure it face to face and pay an employee so I can have the pleasure of an Instore visit and then be messed around for the next month is completely unacceptable!!!

Before making the journey I wanted to ensure the store had my required handset in stock to avoid wasting not only my time but also my money to have someone cover my absence in my business so I tried calling and the stores phone went unanswered for 3 days. I eventually found the time and employed someone for the day to enable me to collect my new handset.

In the store, luckily the handset was available, but the accessories I wanted with it (a case and a screen protector) were unavailable and I was told they would be ordered for me, I was not told when they would arrive, I was not told if they would be delivered, I was not told if I would need to collect them (which would require me employing someone for the day again) and when I tried to call the store again for clarification there was no answer. Not even the Telstra call centre could contact the Telstra store..... The complaints department emailed and called the store and got no response.

After a month the store then closed! It was only after making a follow up call because Telstra had made no effort at all to contact me about the issue. Even after it being "escalated" to the complaints department I was still void of any accessories.

After being told the store had closed there was no offer of an alternative, I had to ask if another store could be contacted to source the accessories I needed.

When I spoke to this new stores manager he not only called me a miss when I am a Mr, but each time I made him aware of each problem I had encountered He said perkily, and I quote "ok, awesome, cool" and it was up to me, a long term customer to train your staff member correctly in telecommunication skills instead of the large quantities of $$ I have paid for overpriced and inadequate service being spent on actually training your "customer service" personnel to know how to do their job correctly.

To top it off I now have to commute to work everyday and pass a great big billboard next to the highway with a picture of this incompetent store managers stupid grin to remind me of the terrible service I pay a premium price for!

This was all bad enough but then a month after enduring all of this I received a call from a "customer service operator" in the Philippines telling me the person who completed this upgrade in the now closed store had provided me with the incorrect paperwork and I needed to complete new forms and return them to Telstra either in person, or by mail. (I would have also needed to return the old handset which was kept by the now closed store)

At that moment I couldn't do as asked so I attempted to contact my local store a couple days later and attempt to rectify the situation, the new store could not be contacted (how surprising the phone went unanswered in Australia's largest telecommunications provider) and I phoned the international call centre only to be told there were no notes on my account regarding this paperwork issue.

I have now made several attempts to rectify the situation since and have been waiting since last week for someone to call me back who promised to call me at 10am the next day. I had made myself available by asking an employee to start her day 2 hours early, I figured 2 hours because I've experienced your companies lack of punctuality before.

This has all resulted in me making the decision to not continue my loyalty to this company. I recently turned 33 years old and have been with Telstra since I was 15 years of age. In case you didn't notice, that's more than half my life.

If it weren't for the ridiculous cancellation fees I would need to pay I would remove myself from your services immediately. Instead I have to complete The 24 month contract with a company who no longer cares about good service or providing a high standard product, this is evident in the more frequent dropouts in reception and the lack of effort to connect my neighbourhood to a reliable landline service, instead only offering very expensive access to mediocre "mobile service" which when the only place to receive a small amount of signal is in the middle of a paddock I fail to see how you can call it mobile!

I am not some redneck in the middle of nowhere. If I was some redneck, there is no way I would be able find the minimum $440 a month to pay you. My neighbours have reliable services a couple of hundred meters away.

I just want to know if I am still required to complete this newpaperwork.

If anybody at Telstra has enough brain cells to rub together and look into this for me and get in contact with me in the next two days that would be great!

If not, I don't feel I am receiving the service I was told I would get and I will no longer use or pay for it.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Incorrect paperwork completed in store.

As this is a public forum no one here it is unlikely you will be able to get the resolution(s) you are after via these forums (as most of the users are fellow customers).


If you have already lodged a complaint and are unsatified with the resolution(s) or lack of that the complaints team have provided you can escalate the complaint to the CEOs office who might be able to assist you further. If you have your complaint number (should start with SR1-x) you can submit the escalation online via the form here. Hopefully they might be able to take a more holistic approach to the situation and the issues you are having. 


Failing that if the situation is making you consider changing providers or cancalling your serivce you could also try and speak to the dedicated disconnection team, they are adelaide based so their hours are 9am to 9pm ACST and they are on 132200 and say "disconnect". 


I would expect one of those two teams would be your best bet to get the situation resolved. 

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