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Moving across road no internet available, no phone line

Hi all,


Seeking some advice in case someone has been in a similar situation before.

I moved from a house in Coburg which had Telstra HFC, over to the other side of the road, into a Townhouse. (1 of 4).

These are new as of the last 2 months and I'm having difficulty finding internet which has made this move quite stressful. The address previously before it was split obviously had a phone line, and has HFC out on the street.


Coburg has been flagged as a HFC area by NBNco, but has got caught up in the delays. Original ETA was around June 2018, I'm now assuming this has been pushed out to the later part of the year. Telstra and Telstra wholesale won't put a phone line into the 4 premises because it's flagged as an upgrade area.


It seems like I've been caught up in the edge case which will only really be resolved by going wireless (vivid wireless) which I want to avoid.


Seeing as all the ground work has been done (trenches/lines to pull) is it possible to get the HFC installed, even at a cost?


I've tried every avenue I know and have been blocked. I've raised a complaint to try and get something because I know there's plenty of ADSL ports available and there's HFC out the front..


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Moving across road no internet available, no phone line

You can try calling sales and asking them to do up a commerical quote form.


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Re: Moving across road no internet available, no phone line

Thanks, I've also had some advice to try Foxtel so I'll do some comparisons!

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