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Scam or not

I got a call supposedly from Telstra on home phone yelling me my internet would be disconnected due to something wrong with my firewall and that things like fb etc were vulnerable and being hacked. She wanted me to connect my laptop up which I guessed she was going to try to remotely access my computer by talking me through how to do it. I said it wasn't at my house n not back till Sunday. She said she will call back and i would be pit through to the technical support ppl to fix it. she gave me a ph number and supposed her or something like I.D number account number. I believe it's a scam but wanted to know what others thought and if gotten same message. I am so fed up with scams and mostly just ignore all . I'm so fed up with scammers and spammers it makes me not want to answer or reply to anything so I never know if something legit comes my way or not as I ignore almost everything. Almost makes me sick of the whole internet n using it.

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Re: Scam or not

It's a common scam.


Im glad to read you stepped away. Some folks go through the process allowing these individuals access and now effectively have to bin the PC as there's no way of knowing what's been installed, changed and manipulated.


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Re: Scam or not

Just had an enjoyable conversation with her husband / brother / cousin etc and I was most certainly impressed with how concerned he was with how to protect my internet security and what he knew about operating computer systems. Telstra knew I was having a problem which could be shown by the flashing lights on my main router but he would step me through the solution so nobody could get in and steal my identity, which would leave me liable for any damages caused by use of my internet account. How kind of him to fix my problems at no charge and didn't even have to prove I was the account holder which I'm not!!

It was what he didn't know that was his undoing as I have been networking computers for nearly 40 years and know that my router(s) lights are meant to flash occasionally. I was only following all his instructions disconnected from the internet so he couldn't hurt me.
It was his request to type then hit enter that blew it, as when I said to him that the link, while seemingly from Telstra, looked highly suspicious and perhaps he get Telstra security to actually write to me about the "problems" I was having, HE HUNG UP ON ME!!

The link is actually a shortened url to and so if you click on OK, you will give away FULL access to your computer for their nefarious doings, so beware.

Tomorrow when his other cousin rings back, I'll be on my Linux computer so will see how far this goes.

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