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Cyber Safety backstory

Hi, I working on a Cyber safety project for Aboriginal Communities in East Arnhemland. I have been talking about digital footprints. People are asking for the full details (the inside story) about where their text messages/photos go, are they stored, copies made... If they use Diva Chat are copies made of all their posts and stored on Servers in Canada? Do files get stored in exchnages? How do exchanges work?


Since visitings communities we have developed a poster and face book site we also have a few short movies in the pipeline. I have spent considerable time trying to get answers about Telstra's technology in the topend, where data goes, if and when it is copied and stored etc etc.


I have an illustration here that I thought I could animate and use a voiceover and explain the technology backstory so people are properly informed. Can anyone help with FACTS, Ive heard too many stories that start with "Well I think it might...." Does Telstra have illustrations or easy to understand explanations? Hoping you can help.


Thanks in advance Trevor van Weeren

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