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Face to face service and Online service

Good Morning Crowd Support, and Happy New Year.  2:00 AM, so my apologies for the earliness of this post. Ill, and insomniac persons such as myself keep take advantage of whatever time of day is available.  The Crowd Support community has done well in answering my questions, while the service I have received from actual face to face in-store store service has been poor.


I queried previously whether I could take up a Telstra On-line deal at one of the Tesltra stores, and I was advised I woul have to take up the deal using the online facilities, which included the online payment protocols. I was intending to purchase a discounted Sim for my dual Sim Phone, which had a discounted cost of ten dollars for the first 28 days. I suspected there would be difficulties and there have been ordering online. Getting service from a Telstra Store is relatively easy, even if a little impersonal, but at least there is human face to face contact. Advice from staff members is not always correct, but balancing overall service, I rated instore service highly,and have said so in all the Telstra Service surveys which have come my way. On the other hand, Telstra's online service has let me down.


Telstra insists ona labyrinthine online communication/ordering/payment system, which is full of dead ends and long waits, and obvious choke points. I suspected things would not go well ordering online during the Christmas holiday period and my doubts have come to life. My ten dollar Sim card order has got lost. It was posted from the same store I walk past every day. It couldn't be given to me while I was there; that's against the intractable rules, so now I know it is where the item was posted from, I am even more annoyed.


Contacting Telstra online to track my order has been a nightmare, and now there are delays because of the New Year holiday. Telstra's 24x7 chat is experiencing delays, even at 2:30 AM, so I am now in another queue waiting for service. I, the customer have been greatly inconvenienced, when I could have been served promptly in a Telstra store. The cost to Telstra maintaining online staff must be astronomical, and the cost to their reputation even greater. I cannot change the way Telstra conducts its customer relations. It does telephony well, but it handles its other areas of business not so well. The customer sometimes is right, and should be listened to from time to time. It is obvious after a short time dealing with Telstra that it takes every opportunity to steer customes away from its stores, and use online facilities such as this forum, the 24x7 Chat, and other online facilities. Overall, it is a mish-mash and a disaster. This former admininistrator knows the difference between good and bad service, and Telstra does not have good person to person, customer to service provider service. Telstra is marked down severely in my view now. Any survey which comes my way I will say so. I only go online to resolve matters, not to make things worse or compound them. If productivity is important to Telstra, it is important to me as well. I hate my time being wasted, and it has, all over a ten dollar Sim card.


Thank you. Tony Muscat.




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Face to face service and Online service

hi there Tony 


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and thoughts in relation to your recent Online and InStore experiences. 


We do all have our preferences regarding which contact method we like to use, and I believe that the Online experience is becoming more popular due to the convenience of being able to "pop online" from your seat, and finalise your business from there. 


Many of our Valued Customers, like yourself, do prefer the face to face experience instore, and this is why we continue to provide and also expand on the current stores. 


I am a little concerned about your experience with your SIM card. Tracking it down shouldn't be that difficult. 


Have you had any success as yet? 


-  Kind Regards Smiley Happy 

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Re: Face to face service and Online service

Thank you for yor response.  Today (Friday) is the first day possible day to chase up my Sim card. The holidays have got in th way. I have yet to have the matter resolved, and I will allow a few hours for Telstra to do its thing. Remember, it is Telstra who needs to do the heavy lifting. I should not be required to constantly check on their progress. The reason for ordering online is apparently to save the customer from going to the inconvnience of visiting a Telstra Shop, but when an order is mishandled, the customer is required to do an inordinate amount of work.


There is always a spanner to stuff up the works, and Tesltra should have provided for such possibilities.


Thank you,Tony_1956.

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