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Increase Telstra Velocity Upload Speed

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Increase Telstra Velocity Upload Speed

Allow users of Telstra Velocity FTTP products the choice of having faster upload speeds. currently its limited to 5 Mbit. It would be nice to be offered at least the same as the NBN  40 Mbit upload. even if it is an extra cost. 


The current limitation makes it very difficult to work and share large files across the internet. 



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Please do this. 5 Mbit is painfully slow in this day and age, especially for a fibre service that is capable of running much faster.

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I’ve been to one of my customers to fix his business land just to find out that he’s been able to upload at 33mbps on FTTN. Download is not as good as my FTTP but upload is heaps faster. 
How is that possible? He’s connecting to NBN using a copper line!

Come on Telstra. Time for review on service speed for FTTP customers. It’s overdue!