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Overdue reminders before they are actually overdue!

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Overdue reminders before they are actually overdue!

Hi I have automated payments set up fortnightly to cover my basic expected bill and usually I don't notice any excess charges amount till I get the next month's bill and by then it is already overdue.

It would be useful to get an reminder email or notification a Day or so before the overdue date, possibly with a link that plops us right into a payment screen. You're happy we are happy; we are All Happy 😊

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Paying regular fortnightly amounts is a great way to manage your accounts, however I would still recommend paying the full balance of your account when you receive a bill even if a regular fortnightly payment has come out between when the bill was issued and when the bill was due. That way you will not get overdue charges and your regular fortnightly payments will come off the balance of the next bill rather than catching up on the bill just issued.


Doing it this way means that you may occasionally get a bill issued in credit rather than the other way around.



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You can also set up SMS reminders via your Telstra MyAccount online portal to notify you when your bill is due. If you use the 24x7 App you can also monitor your account balance if you have fortnightly payments being made and still falling short before the bill is due (to avoid late fees).


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G’day it makes me wonder if I am a valued customer & that I pay my bill in full & early & you have the audacity to charge me $15 for a couples days overdue. Nice way to gouge your loyal customers. I will now look for another provider. Telstra. What a bullie. 👎