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Telstra Air Login has "Remember Me" function

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Telstra Air Login has "Remember Me" function

After 4 days relying on Telstra Air, very hot in Townsville today so I moved from my temporary office set up in the garage into the dining room - running on battery!


The power saving function on a Mac when running on battery shortens the screen saver "Sleep" timeout (although this can be user set), and as one might expect, turns off everything not essential - like Telstra Air. So every time I got a message re the 50 adds I have on Gumtree, I would need to go through the awfully frustrating laptop sign-in process, because I was running on battery. 


Plug the power back in and no further issues.


My Idea - the painful log-in proces could go from a rating 1/10 to a 2/10 if there was a Username "Remember Me" function like you have on most other regularly used log-on pages?


(I predict that any change request will be negative as the process is controlled by FON)

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Telstra (Retired)
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Hi again, @Palpatine,


Thanks for another really great idea. I have been in touch with the Telstra Air team, and am just waiting on a response. Will update you when I hear back. Thanks - Margie. 

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Looking Into It

@Palpatine apologies for the delayed response on this one, I am following up to see if we can an update on this one for you.

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Thanks Dan - no worries (as it so happens I have been mainly home for the past 12 months so it has not been an issue)

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