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Bizessentials Premium Service Numbers

I have been running a small business from home for over 10 years. My use of the phone is minimal, but I daily use the internet. When I saw the Bizessentials bundle I saw this as good value given the data allowance and the included fixed line allowances. Having signed up for the "Standard" plan I felt I could get some stability in my monthly costs for the fixed line, data and four mobiles. Alas I was wrong as I am charged for 13 numbers, many of which are to "local" numbers. Why is this? Surely a 13 number is not a "Premium" number.

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Re: Bizessentials Premium Service Numbers

A 13 number is a Capped Call Local Rate number (ie: not a local number, but a special number that is capped at the cost of a local call (30c)), and haven't fallen under "Local Calls" since they were invented I'm afraid.


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Re: Bizessentials Premium Service Numbers

ITM wrote:

Why is this?

Because calls to One3/1300 numbers do not fall under ‘Local calls’, ‘National voice calls’, ‘On account national voice calls’, ‘Fixed voice calls to Telstra mobiles’, or ‘Fixed voice calls to non-Telstra mobiles’ (all row headings in the table in section 3.1 of the BizEssentials section of Our Customer Terms, for which call charges may be included depending on the specific BizEssentials plan), but instead belong in ‘All other call types’, for which charges are set out in (section 4 of) Part F – Other Call Types in the Basic Telephone Service section of Our Customer Terms and (section 6.3 of) Part A – General of the Inbound Services Section of Our Customer Terms.

Alas I was wrong as I am charged for 13 numbers, many of which are to "local" numbers. …‹snip›… Surely a 13 number is not a "Premium" number.

No, they are not ‘premium numbers’ (in the sense of InfoCall numbers described in section 5 of Part F – Other Call Types in the Basic Telephone Service section of Our Customer Terms), but they are not classified as ‘local numbers’, either, irrespective of the nature of the phone service to which the call is routed. I know they are sometimes advertised as “for the cost of a local call”, which is not always correct, but depends on the phone service provider and plan in question. The key point, however, is that call charges to One3/1300 numbers are simply not included in the monthly price of the BizEssentials plan.


If you were going by statements of “for the cost of a local call” in an ad, or on a web page or some other marketing collateral, in forming your assumptions and feel that a $0.30 per call charge is not in fact “for the cost of a local call”, then you need to take that complaint to the organisation that ‘owns’ each individual One3/1300 number in question; Telstra has no control over the marketing wording those organisations use.

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Re: Bizessentials Premium Service Numbers

Thanks the info. The problem I have is that when I saw the description of the Bizessentials bundle in "Let's Work" the telstra business catalogue #01 valid 4 Oct - 28 Nov 2011 I only read under STD Calls and Local Calls that it did not include PREMIUM Service numbers. My understanding of a PREMIUM number is an information, ring tone, etc ie a 19 number not a 13 number.


You live and learn. Thanks again.

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Re: Bizessentials Premium Service Numbers

I too have been caught out by this discrepancy and in revuewing both the literature and the previous replies it would appear to me that there is considerable uncertainty about this.


There is NO mention in any of the literature relating to T-bundles/Bizessentials that I can find that mentiosn 'other calltypes' and certainly there is nowhere that I can see that specifically indicates that 13 numbers are not included in thw 'free call' category.


ByTelstras own admission they are NOT premium service numbers so in the absence of any published and provided documentation it would not be unreasonable to expect 13 calls to be non-chargeable.


As a side note I specifixcally asked at the time of signing up whether or not 1800 and 13/1300 numbers were  included in the 'free' category and was advised at the time thet they were.  Unfortunately I didn't get that in writing.


Another interesting side point is that these numbers ARE included in  the $59 per month mobile maximiser plans as per the documentation below taken from the Telstra brochures unless of course Telstra put 13 and 13xx numbers in different categories. Why the discrepancy.


Your Monthly Call Allowance can be used for most types of national calls, SMS and MMS to standard           Australian numbers, including calls to 13xx, 1800, and selected 12xx numbers, video calls and calls to most Telstra satellite mobile numbers. Your Monthly Data Allowance can be used to access the mobile internet           from your Next G® handset in Australia.

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