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Cisco DOT phone "loses line"

I have a DOT account; we are using the original Cisco phone (now about six years old) but after making or receiving 1-2 calls it "loses the line", and needs to be powered off / on, then rinse/rpt. We've had our router, cables, plug points etc checked, and everything is fine; our tech support says the phone is no longer supported by Telstra and they should have replaced it years ago. On attempting to contact Telstra DOT support, I got the usual runaround which ended with the DOT support people (Filipino lady with poor english) telling me that it wasn't their roll, put me on hold (on my mobile phone, which they had called me on) for 6-7 min, then lost the call. So, how do I get a new phone?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Cisco DOT phone "loses line"

Telstra doesn't supply the phone as part of the DOT plan (except on the XL plan where they include a handset).

Your best option at the moment would be to contact your nearest Telstra Business Centre which you can locate via this link, they will be able to assist in purchasing a new IP Phone.
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Re: Cisco DOT phone "loses line"

Right . . .
When I started this a/c with Telstra, it was NOT a DOT. It was a normal business a/c, with handset supplied. About a year in I was informed by Telstra I was being shifted to a DOT, and was told that I would need to use the Telstra-supplied handset with the Telstra-supplied modem or nothing would work and I wouldn't be supported.
Glad to see the level of support is consistent, at least.

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