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DOT Not working

I run a busy hairdressing salon, and rely heavily on my phone line. so after over a year of hounding by Telstra sales, i finally gave in against my better judgement and changed from a regular phone line to Digital office Technology. and Guess what?! It doesnt work at all!  I was stuck on the phone with DOT support for the best part of the afternoon yesterday.  Im dealing with clients all day so i cant just sit on the phone waiting for tech support to help me out so i am feeling pretty damn annoyed. so.... now im left with a business that has no fixed line at all.. I feel like taking the whole thing out again! Also noone offered to divert my lines to my mobile, so i had to go and arrange it myself! NOT HAPPY.

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Re: DOT Not working

Hey NeilMoody,


Welcome to Crowd Support Smiley Happy


Not the experience that we like to hear of at all and I do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you and your business Smiley Sad As you have mentioned there are issues with being able to find the time to have this discussed over the phone, it may be worth contacting my colleagues in the Business Live Chat team. They can assist you in real time 24/7 via a secure chat window at:


Please let us know how it does go with having this order completed so the services are activated and ready for you to use asap.

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