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Digital Business Bundle QLD Call Centre OverCharging

I seemed to have gone through a heap of rubbish like ombudsman, telstra, digital business, complaints, cases ect ect...


Cause when a sales person rang me from QLD, (I am in Melb) he said everything will be nice and sweet in terms of month bundle price and comparison to the existing plan at the time of the call.


The existing costs of my plans where like $300- $400. He offered $190- $200 and something there abouts it was a lower figure that I remebered how ever there was like and exception to something which increases the price by like $20 - $50.


I was really into signing up when he rang I was at work its a was a quick over the phone contract so quick that it was like 5 minutes or something.


And the bills that I was reveiving for this bundle was like $700- $900 as I was bloody frustrated dint pay anything Telstra dint resolve anything at the time.


Its just so hard to talk about it all... Telstra really did stuff me up and the ombudsman as well. I hate you!!!!


So the way it ended is I got reduction in what I had to pay it was again redicoulous $400- $500 I hate you!!!


So I did pay this and now the bills are like $240 - $280 I hate you Telstra Mafia!!!! And so is ombudsman.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: DOT (Digital Office Technology) ™ Bundle QLD Call Centre OverCharging

Hi rodion3028, 

Thanks for taking the time to inform us of your experience and situation. 

Whilst CrowdSupport is the space for customer assistance, it is a shame that you've had to seek for our help here. 

Understanding that you still have unresolved concerns, I have sent you a private message asking for your details so that i can organise for support to work with you and resolve these concerns. 

- Luis

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