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Host of problems after DOT installation

After assurances by Telstra sales that all systems would be functional after installation of DOT, we found ourselves without Efpos, CCTV remote monitoring, connectivity with our hand-helds and remote printer and digital phone. We had to call in our own inhouse systems support  person (at a cost!) to rectify most issues, mainly caused by the Telstra tech not plugging the cables into the right ports. Unbelievable but true. We are still without CCTV.


Has anyone else come across these problems? Can the cost of rectifying these problems be claimed from Telstra?


Thanks for any insight.

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Host of problems after DOT installation

Ours was installed yesterday.  Worked well for an hour.  Since then no eftpos and can't make outgoing calls.  Support were helpful but since it was referred to 2nd level support yesterday we haven't been able to even make contact with someone from Telstra.  Its becoming frustrating and expensive.  I can empathise with you!

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