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IAD and Line Hunt

Hi All,


I have been e-mailing for over a week now with a sales consultant in the DOT area about a new account. We have exchanged about 20 e-mails plus as they do not want you to call them, only e-mail which is making this harder than it should be.


Anyway, I have finally got a plan almost complete but the guy is still stating that I must have the IAD unit but I argue this as I am getting the DOT modem/router package and it allows up to two analogue ports and I am only using one for a fax - so why do I need the IAD ?? I should only need this if I was adding more then 2 analogue devices.?


Second, he also states that I need the Line Hunt optional extra in order to transfer a call from one IP phone in the office to another IP phone in the office. I know traditionally that Hunt Lines are for routing incoming calls to a series of phones so the call does not go unanswered but all my incoming calls will go to a voice2email service - I do not want to answer them. I just want the ability for an outbound call to maybe be transferred to another IP phone in the office. Would this not be covered in the standard DOT package (including the extra IP phone plans I will package up) ?


Any help appreciated as the sales guy is killing me !



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: IAD and Line Hunt

Hi Sydney_Sider, I hope you're able to get the help you need in setting up the new connection. As an alternative to the emails you've been sending, you can also get help from the teams on 1800 655 744 (option 2 then 2 at the menu). 

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