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Phone drops out when answering calls

We have had a problem with the office phone dropping out frequently since we had the NBN installed. The dropout occurs as soon as the phone is answered. It is not on every call, but is happening 15 - 20 times per day (approx 100 inbound calls per day). It is only on inbound calls, outbound is fine. It makes no difference where the inbound call originates from (mobile, landline, direct call or redirect from our 1300 number all have the same problem).


Telstra tell us there is no problem with the NBN connection and blame the LG Phone System. The tech guys that manage the phone system say there is nothing wrong on their end and blame Telstra/NBN. The phone system was working fine before NBN so I am inclined to say the problem is on the Telstra end.


This is beyond frustrating and we are losing customers because of it. Has anyone else had this problem before or have any ideas?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Phone drops out when answering calls

Hi @Costo, that's certainly very concerning to hear and something we want to get on top of. I'd recommend contacting Business support directly so we can monitor and investigate your service issues. Business Faults are available on 132 000 24x7. We want to get this sorted for you as quickly as we can.

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