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Telstra Gateway Pro (Netgear v7610) IPv6 Firewall

Wondering if anyone on here has managed to open ports on the IPv6 firewall on the Netgear v7610 aka Telstra Gateway Pro.


I am on a Telstra DOT FTTN NBN service so have to use the provided router for 4G backup and phone services.


I can open a port to a specific remote v6 address (I found out the v6 address on my iPad using Telstra 4G for testing) but cannot open to the wider internet. I run a web server on my network for various things and already have it accessible on IPv4 but want it on v6 as well.


Here is the working config that opens TCP443 to a single remote IPv6 address:





I have tried leaving the source address blank but it won't allow that and I have also tried all 0 and all f (didn't expect that to work but running out of ideas).


When I had it set to Never on the main page I couldn't get anything open even from the iPad on 4G.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Gateway Pro (Netgear v7610) IPv6 Firewall

Hi Pikey18,


I would recommend contacting Telstra Platinum on 137 587 for further assistance with configuring your equipment and troubleshooting this issue further.

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Re: Telstra Gateway Pro (Netgear v7610) IPv6 Firewall

I am not paying for platinum support on a business service especially when its clearly an issue with the firmware on a Telstra provided device.


For the record I am a computer tech and have configured many routers including the ASUS I used pre NBN that I had zero issues opening ports on the IPv6 firewall.

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