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Apple Music: Paying via Apple ID still shows up as Telstra managed.



I originally had used the free 6 month Apple Music offers. As I wanted to include my family and their own devices ( some not Telstra connected beyond home wifi) I thought when it ended I take up a family membership via my SEPARATE Apple ID instead of Telstra - just like I do with my iCloud storage. 


Well, seeing I have 2 phones on casual $50 plans sharing 11 GB of data, I am frequently getting 50% data usage messages. So I thought that seeing that I am paying Apple directly for my Apple Music, is my music streaming still included free or is it now eating into my data? I notice that none of my information found so far on Telstra's site says that there is any difference- Apple Music is data free. Even calls to the overseas Telstra Apple Music 'specialists' were hopeless getting an answer.


What is worse, despite having a $17.99 family membership with Apple Music my Telstra 24/7 app still shows in Apple Music that I have an individual Apple Music at $11.99 account via Telstra!!! (This isn't on my bill thank goodness)




1. Why is my data usage so high?  (Everyone blames email and other streaming, which still couldn't account for 5.5GB)


2. Why is an Apple Music subscription showing up in Telstra 24/7?


3. Is my direct subscribed family Apple music subscription data free? If not why not? Apple Music is Apple music


This is very frustrating. Look forward to some local input.



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