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Apple Music through a Sonos - Unmetered mobile streaming?

We are a family travelling around Australia by road for 12 months. Our data needs are met with 4 mobiles providing a shared data pool of 100gb per month. We also have a Netgear Nighthawk M1 with a data share sim in it - which draws on the 100gb pool to service our laptops. We work remotely and school via distance education, so the data is precious!


We also have a Sonos Play 1 in the caravan that is connected via the Nighthawk. Essentially the Sonos thinks it's connected to a local wifi network, which is served up by the Nighthawk with telstra mobile data. We have an Apple Music family subscription billed through Apple that we hope to use to stream music through the Sonos.


My question relates to unmetered streaming of Apple Music. Will streaming Apple Music through the Nighthawk and Sonos still be unmetered on the Telstra Mobile network? I'm just concerned as to whether the data request through the Sonos and Nighthawk will alter the way the data request is presented to the Telstra Server which would usually see an Apple Music stream and route it as unmetered. In theory I would think it's unmetered, but with so many devices handing off the data requests, I don't want to be stung by unnecessarily depleting our monthly data allowances.




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Re: Apple Music through a Sonos - Unmetered mobile streaming?

It may be metered as the connection to Apple Music is being done by the Sonos and not a Telstra Mobile device. If it was being streamed from a phone/tablet then it is definitely unmetered. The problem comes down to how the Sonos makes its' connection through to Apple. If it connects to its' own servers first (ie as a proxy), then it will be metered. If the device makes a direct connection through to Apple, then it should be unmetered.

The only way to work it out is to make sure that only the Sonos (and the phone controlling it) are connected to the Nighthawk and then play a few songs. That will give you an indication of whether it is metered or not.
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