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Data Usage

Is it just me or does Telstra have some secret way of ensuring Data gets chewed up faster than with other providers and then commence charging $10 and $10 and $10... until you just wish you hadn't signed a contract with them and start warning everyone you speak with.

I changed my mobile to Telstra about 6 months ago and am on a 12Gb plan, which I thought was ample for my usage... always had been

I don't use my phone for gaming and only watch the occassional 3 minute video and download a few pics.. read news... a few whats app conversations a month

But they've managed to charge me for an extra 18Gb over 15 days

Unlike Amaysim,who I now wish I'd stayed with, Telstra's site doesn't seem to allow me to monitor my usage

Am I wrong? If there is a way to monitor my usage (and more to the point monitor Telsra!) and clear up this problem can someone please direct me to it? Thanks

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Re: Data Usage

They all do this $10 per GB thing. It's a price fixed cabal that the ACCC won't act on, because it is good at making excuses.


Mobile can chew up your data, because the device has to re-send if there are any errors. If you have poor reception, it will cost more.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Data Usage

You can indeed monitor your usage.


You can view your usage at on any device or

You can view your usage via the 24x7 App on iOS and Android devices

If you have an android device compatible you can also get a dashboard widget which shows your usage.



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