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Data Useage whilst on wifi

Why does my iphone use data every night at 00.00 when I am connected to wifi? This happens on days when I have not left the house, therefore I've been on wifi all day so it can't be data catch up. It is becoming very annoying as I am now running out of data. I have  always had wifi assist turned off. Can someone please explain or direct me to where I can get an explaination.  Thank you

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Data Useage whilst on wifi

Have you checked the cellular data usage (Settings App > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage) on the phone to see if the total data used on phone matches total data recorded by Telstra? If they don't match there could be a fault with the way Telstra is measuring your data usage.


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Re: Data Useage whilst on wifi

Thanks for your reply.  I haven't done this, I'll get on to this.  Thanks

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