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Data sharing

I just reviewed my contracts and unless I am mistaken, we actually own our data on our plans. If that is true, it means we can share our data with anyone we choose. So in saying, that should mean that Telstra is in breach of consumer law by denying customers the freedom to share what they own. Would really like some feedback on this and if it is worthwhile starting a formal request with the watchdog to investigate our rights

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Re: Data sharing

No. You purchase a service that comes with an allowance that is tied to that service.

The only way to share the data is to allow access to the device that has access to that service (the landline connection or the SIM).
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Re: Data sharing

Operative word is “purchased”. If I buy something, I own it. Service or product still has a direct definition under Australian Consumer Law
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Re: Data sharing


"If I buy something, I own it. "

this particular statement exists in so few areas now, when it comes to internet/ digital space.

An area I believe it may just barely still apply is at (3rd party rights excluded ie game developers).

Another area you might get to own something in the digital/ internet space, is via the use of "open source software" (license dependent)


I think what @Jupiter really meant to say is you now only "buy/purchase"

- a right to use.

which is somewhat,  in fact rather majorly different to "Own".


the concept of buying "the right to use" something can be seen from all the years of Windows or Steam licensing.


its the greatest gimmick in the world, as well as being the most costly.


you can as Jupiter says (if your device supports the feature) share your "right to use" allowance with others ie via hotspot/ modem.


Whilst your making this whinge about Telstra, how about you consider how much of your "right to use" allowance is technically stolen from you by a)Google, b)Apple, c)Windows as they use your paid for allowance to supply their profit making data streams to their benefit without compensating you for their usage of your service.




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Re: Data sharing

Obviously you do not have much legal experience and are shooting blanks... I fully agree with @Jupiter and @cretsiah... And of course you can share that - just not in the way you envisage... 😁

Extra disclaimer: While I am not a lawyer I do occasionally act as expert witness in IT legal cases...
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