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Data usage

Hi have received a message saying that 80% of my data has been used in a short period of time. This has also occurred with my bigpond home data allowance and to date normal usage is happening. I have two questions:

1) How come when the plan rolls into a new month the usage shoots up quickly and then tapers off?

2) How can I access more data in the short term if I near maximum without having to leave Telstra?


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Re: Data usage

Hi Bungulla,


Can certainly appreciate the confusion this has caused, I trust we will be able to determine the cause of this high data usage


With relation to your mobile service, we would need to eliminate a few factors first. With your handset (dependent on the model) you will be able to find Settings whereby you can select the Apps that use your Mobile Data (restricting others to WiFi only), along with seeing what Apps have used the data (and the amounts). You can also ensure that your Automatic Updates/Downloads are switched off in your Settings, to ensure data is not being used without you knowing. We do have a dedicated Mobile Faults Team at 125 111 who can assist if these settings are unable to be located or the high data usage persists.


In regards to your Home Broadband, this could also be a factor where downloads/updates are being completed by devices, and usage speed (how fast the allowance is used) depends on what you are actually doing. Tips on how to manage your home broadband usage at:


Fixed Home Broadband customers are able to top up their data allowance up to three times a year. This means if you have exceeded your data allowance,  you can request a "top up" to receive an additional 100% of the monthly download allowance. This is able to be requested up to three times in a calendar year. At the start of the next billing month, your data allowance will go back to your normal monthly allowance. Every time you top-up, you will receive an email confirming the number of top-ups you have left for the calendar year. Further information and how to use the Home Broadband Free Data Top Ups can be found at:


In relation to increasing your allowance for both your Mobile and Home Broadband services, our LiveChat Team can evaluate your options and provide the best and most cost-effective way of doing this. You can reach them via :

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