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Does Telstra offer data share SIMs?

I recently got a new phone, and as the old one is pretty battered but still weatherproof plan to continue to use it as the GPS on my motorbike... but I don't really want a new account for it, and I'd prefer not to have to tether and drain the battery on my current phone at the same time ... do Telstra offer a data-only SIM option that can share the data on my same line (seems like a no-brainer... they're not losing out as I'd use the same data either way, but I can't find an option to add a SIM anywhere)


I noticed with the recent contract change our 'family sharing' went away, but as we ended up with enough data that it shouldn't be a problem for the same price I wasn't too concerned.... but if that was a sneaky way to take away sharing then it might be time for the family to jump ship...

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Re: Does Telstra offer data share SIMs?

From my understanding data share plans are no longer available on consumer mobile services.
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