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Hi there, im currently unhappy with my existing mobile plan, what would b the cost involved to cancel, im always using up my current data amount,requiring more,but finding this to expensive thankyou 

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As a public forum we can’t access your account so can’t tell you any applicable fees however in general terms.

If you are on a BYO plan you can recontract to a new plan, there is no penalty for doing this when you recontract as the ETC is waived. On some old plans a $50 recontracting fee may apply, but my understanding is that this is no longer applicable if you are on a newer plan.

If you are on a plan with a handset, again the same guidelines apply for the most part, except, you are required to pay out the current device, this will be based on the device cost / 24 x the months left in your contract.

So if the device is 1200, divided by 24 it is $50 per month, if you did it with 5 months left you would have to pay out approximately $250 (it is calculated to the day)

The exception would be if you are on a lease plan in that case you would either pay a fee and return the device or pay out the device.

Depending on Your situation it may be cheaper to look at Right Planning to the next plan size up or adding a data pack to give you more data.

You can view your current price to upgrade (unless on a lease plan) in my account by clicking the service and contract details. Http://
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