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Incorrect Data Usage

I have several Telstra 4g portable WiFi dongles, we use them for business within the events industry. I've always suspected that we are our data usage is incorrectly recorded. Today I topped up my prepaid Wi-Fi device, $150 for 16gb, which should expire in two years. We switched on the device at 5.53pm, we monitored our data usage via the 24/7 app, and how is it possible that we almost used up 7gb within 5mins? 24/7 app shows that by 5.58pm we used almost 7gb data. I have a mobile phone with Vodafone that has a monthly allowance of 14gb a month and I don't even get through half of that allowance. It's impossible! When we questionned this in the past for other similar occurrences, the person we had on the phone said they'll speak with their manager and get back to us in an hour, which of course never happens!

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Re: Incorrect Data Usage

While it is possible on 4G to transfer 7GB in 5 minutes (I can get 30MBps under the right conditions - 1.8GB per minute), it does sound like an error.
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Re: Incorrect Data Usage

Hey Boother, welcome to CrowdSupport.


@Jupiter is right, that kind of speed is possible over 4G, particularly by a "computer" computer, as opposed to a mobile device or a tablet. One of the reasons the data usage is different, using browsing as an example, mobiles and tablets are configured to pull the mobile version of a page, which are optimised for the device (unless the device has been set to request the desktop version). A laptop or desktop, even using a 4G device, will pull the full desktop version of the page.


My money is on a software update of some description coming down - operating systems are particularly indiscriminate about an internet connection, they see it's active, they see there are updates and download the lot.


It's disappointing your call back was not received, has this been followed up at all? If not provide the reference number for the call (examples here: What Reference Numbers can I obtain from Telstra?) on which the commitment was made and we can pursue that for you.


Agents will be able to see THAT the data has been used, however we won't be able to provide an exact answer as to WHAT the data was used for. To do so would require us being able to see everything you do online, and while technically possible, it's been decided that what our customers do online is no-one's business but their own.

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