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Individual data usage on shared data plans

We have 5 devices with a total of 8.7GB shared data between all the devices.
On my own device, it shows that I ave used 88% (2.2GB) OF 2.5GB. 24/7 app shows all devices total.
If I go over 2.5GB before the end of my billing month, am I going to be charged more, even if in total, we are collectively under the 8.7GB of our shared data?

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Re: Individual data usage on shared data plans

Hey Mrs Miggins,

Certainly confused reading the post.


I guess you're either a data share account or not. Seems like your account isn't attached/shared with any of the others as being a collective any data use by your or others reflects as a whole.


When looking at your account via the app or online it'll list the linked accounts, the total and use data but as a bonus which account has used what.. You might be better off popping into a Telstra store and sit down with a rep that can step through what's attached and what's not..


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Re: Individual data usage on shared data plans

Slight bum steer.

The iPad version seems to give the most/best detail where as the android Tab and iPhone give what's attached, usage and total allowance. They don't supply detailed usage information (dumb, really dumb!).

So with that said. If one of the accounts is showing its own data information like what you've supplied I simply think it's not associated with the other data accounts.


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