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International roaming

Hello. I’m on the new Mobile Small Plan, travelling to the US shortly. For a 10day holiday, the roaming charge will be $100 based on $10 per day (+ SMSs etc) and I keep below 200Mb/d. Is that my least expensive option? Thanks

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International roaming

Basically, yes. The only way to reduce the cost would be to not use your phone for a day here or there (turn it off, not airplane mode. airplane mode is not 100% reliable). Remember, the day resets at midnight AEST, not local time.


And SMS are included, just don't go crazy with the MMS as you get charged extra for them ($0.75 ea plus data usage). If you want to send people photos, switch to wifi (assuming you can find a free one) and use Facebook, Instagram, or some other messaging app. Photos can be 5MB a pop, so you can run through your 200MB pretty quickly if you are not careful.

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Re: International roaming

Many thanks Jupiter!

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