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Mobile Data Over Usage

Telstra has charged me for 10GB over usage of my mobile data plan saying we used 10Gb of data in one day – we typically use 50Mb per day. Most months we use about 10-20 percent of our allowable usage. We do not use any video streaming services such as Netflix but even if we did the two mobiles on this plan are automatically synced to our home wifi when we are in the house and my office wifi when I’m at work. I work in the technology space focused on internet-based technologies and I am familiar with what mobile applications and services chew up data and so I have set up our mobiles to minimise data usage accordingly. At 4.35am of the second last day in our billing cycle we received a text message from Telstra saying we had hit 85%usage - at 4.50am message saying we had hit 100% - 7.03am 1GB added - 7.07am 1GB added - 7.23am 1GB added - second message at 7.23am 1GB added - etc until we had 8GB added in 12 hours. My wife called when we kept receiving the texts as we were not using mobile data and Telstra rep said it did not make sense but don't worry we won't be charged. Has anyone else experienced this scenario and been able to resolve with Telstra. Telstra now just syas the system shows we used the data and won't re-imburse me.

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Re: Mobile Data Over Usage

Hi, I have experienced the very same issue on my last bill and called up and they indicated that tlTelstra would carry out a data usage test to see if I did use all my data as they charged me 2 x $10 for 2 lots of Data when I know I didn’t use my monthly data. I was told that if they discovered I didn’t use it all they would give me a refund. I have not heard any thing further with any results of their investigation and since I am 3 weeks into my next months usage and once again for 2 weeks I was using normal usage then this week they informed me of extremely large increase in my usage once again using up my data far quicker than I was using it, I am once again down to 1gb left with some 6 days left and clear they are going to charge me again for more Data. I recently got The internet on at my home and so I am leaving my mobile data turned off and do not intend to use the mobile data as little as I can. Telstra are pinching data off their customers so they can over charge us for more data and they do nothing to rectify it. Someone should take this to Current Affairs.
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Re: Mobile Data Over Usage

There are a lot of factors which can affect the usage of your mobile service. Updates in the latest version of operating system for many handsets can result in changes to background updates and push notifications which can lead to higher usage than experienced previously. One feature known as ‘WiFi Assist’ or ‘WiFi Boost’ can change your connection from WiFi to the mobile network if the WiFi access strength isn’t sufficient, which would incur data when you believe you’re connecting via a fixed network.


There are also issues such as auto-play settings for embedded video in Facebook, YouTube, and other apps which can also incur usage without your active involvement. Sites like YouTube can use adaptive bitrates - if you have a higher connection speed, it will provide a higher-quality video which incurs more usage. More information about how to minimise usage can be found at, and this can also be followed up by a case manager in our Complaints teams if you can provide account details via the secure link at

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