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New Pre-Paid mobile replacement

I bought myself a new $250 Telstra pre-paid phone today. The telstra staff set it up for me, using my existing credit & phone number. On getting home, I dicovered he had used $25 of my credit on data. I'm a pre-paid long life user & am anoyed that I have lost $25 usage for calls I haven't used myself. I only use the internet on my phone at home & Wifi it to my land line modem to save credit. Am a bit  annoyed at this.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: New Pre-Paid mobile replacement

Unfortunately the phones tend to use a bit of data on first setup and on Longlife Prepaid that would cost a bit.

It's a bit hard to avoid in store unless they can connect the phone to in house wifi before inserting the SIM.
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